Soft Blanket

Soft Blanket, children’s fragrance.


About the series ‘rewiew that nobody asked me‘ I decided to take in consideration the Yankee Candle fragrances in order to raise awareness and appreciation,
to catalog, analyze and describe these wonderful American fragrances because I believe that each candle – as well as people – has its own story
The reviews will be organized according to established criteria, cataloged according to the family fragrances (es. Fresh, fruity, floral, foods and spices, premium) of the fragrance and cured with love, attention and a bit of irony.

Soft Blanket is a Yankee Candle evergreen, a sweet and delicate fragrance, soft and very suitable for children. It is one of the best-selling and one of the most popular all over the world, is classificated as fresh and is very suitable for bedrooms, perfect for those who want to take a moment of extraordinary sweetness. The Yankee Candle describes it as: wrapped in sweet dreams… a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber. 

It ‘s the perfect fragrance to relax and to cuddle up, a real olfactory lullaby: is tender, soft and supple, a fragrance that exudes sweetness and clean, simply wonderful, loving and gentle: it is the fragrance for kids for excellence. The vanilla notes dominate this delicious smell from the flowery undertones, which refers to the smell of baby creams, talcum powder, and the smell of clean young children wrapped in their cradles.

This fragrance is a cuddle, a caress, a soft goodnight. The best way to go to sleep, to cuddle by yourself or with friends, this unique scent of its kind is very intense and persistent, radiating love, sweetness and innocence. Suitable for every season, it is perfect for a gift or to start learning about this wonderful American brand.

Soft Blanket is a must-have for a Yankee Candle addicted, it reminds to Soft Blanket is the fragrance that can not miss one Yankee Candle dependent, refer to the sweet vision of children kits light, fluffy and soft. One of a kind and simply perfect.