Garden Sweet Pea

Garden Sweet Pea, fresh flowers.


About the series ‘rewiew that nobody asked me‘ I decided to take in consideration the Yankee Candle fragrances in order to raise awareness and appreciation,to catalog, analyze and describe these wonderful American fragrances because I believe that each candle – as well as people – has its own story
The reviews will be organized according to established criteria, cataloged according to the family fragrances (es. Fresh, fruity, floral, foods and spices, premium) of the fragrance and cured with love, attention and a bit of irony.

Garden Sweet Pea is a very common and appreciated, easy available in Europe and America. It’s very fresh and intense, sweet and perfect for springtime. Recommended for those who love the flowers scents,  is a light, sunny and gentle fragrances. The Yankee Candle description reads: the sweet perfume of delicate blossoms accented with hints of pear, peach, freesla and rosewood. 

This fragrance has all the smell of a wet flower garden bathing by sun or a spring rain the various floral scents are combined eachother in a perfectly balanced mix of flowering and freshness very suitable for spring. Does not disturb the delicate noses of children despite its medium-high intensity, and it’s loved also by clients who don’t like floral scent because this fragrances from the first burning or ignition has the peculiarity of emitting grassy and watery aromas, typical of the fresh fragrances.

Perfect for people who are new to the Yankee Candle scented world and tested fragrances for the first time, Garden Sweet Pea is simply adorable, but unlike its sister fragrance, Fresh Cut Roses, is not entirely a women’s fragrance.