Fresh Cut Roses

Fresh Cut Roses, flower garden.


About the series ‘rewiew that nobody asked me‘ I decided to take in consideration the Yankee Candle fragrances in order to raise awareness and appreciation, to catalog, analyze and describe these wonderful American fragrances because I believe that each candle – as well as people – has its own story
The reviews will be organized according to established criteria, cataloged according to the family fragrances (es. Fresh, fruity, floral, foods and spices, premium) of the fragrance and cured with love, attention and a bit of irony.

Fresh Cut Roses is one of the most feminine floral fragrance, of medium intensity,  is easily available both in America and in Europe. It’s a very intense smooth and delicate aroma, once turned on or burned reminds to the smell of woman parfume very classic and austere. The Yankee Candle describes it as follows: an intoxicating English garden of fragrant heirlroom roses. 

It ‘a very sunny, classic and elegant fragrance, with warm and grassy notes that reminds to the smell of fine English gardens, very well cared for and perfumed. It’s the typical smell of roses bloomed and cultured, made by a few essential oils, this floral fragrance is very balanced, perfectly suited for spring. The essence of fresh roses dominates this bright clear and warm fragrance.

Of pastel pink, Fresh Cut Roses is a perfect fragrance for livingrooms, for a sunny day enveloping and overwhelming, recommended to those who love this kind of fragrance is a floral fragrance par excellence. Its sister fragrance, Garden Sweet Pea, is in sharp contrast to the single-issue essence of this fragrance, as it is a combination of floral smells very well balanced and very balanced with each other.

This fragrance, on the other hand, has all the smell of lovers roses bouquet.