Clean Cotton

Clean Cotton, clean explosion.


About the series ‘rewiew that nobody asked me‘ I decided to take in consideration the Yankee Candle fragrances in order to raise awareness and appreciation,
to catalog, analyze and describe these wonderful American fragrances because I believe that each candle – as well as people – has its own story
The reviews will be organized according to established criteria, cataloged according to the family fragrances (es. Fresh, fruity, floral, foods and spices, premium) of the fragrance and cured with love, attention and a bit of irony.

Clean Cotton is a fresh fragrance, which together with Baby Powder and Fluffy Towels belongs to a triad of clean scents, very fresh and soft refer to the softness of the laundry left to dry. It is easly available both in Italy and in America, the Yankee Candle describes it as follows: sun-dired cotton combined with green notes, white flowers and hint of lemon. 

It is one of the most common fresh fragrances, best-selling and most popular of all time, thanks to its lightness, clients never tried about it. Green grassy notes cover the apparent artificiality of the fragrance which has a timeless and ageless scent. Suitable for any season or room in the house, the aroma is of medium intensity and medium length, the smell of lemon harmonizes itself with some floral notes in the background, perceptible from the first ignition and burn.

Once lit or burnt the smell radiates the heat of the sun, the freshness of freshly washed laundry lying in the garden lulled by a gentle breeze. Refers to the smell of the soap, detergent and the softener. The peculiarity of this fragrance is its incredible ability to make natural and delicate smell the artificiality of laundry products, proposing it faithfully in all its softness.