Baby Powder

Baby Powder, baby talcum.


About the series ‘rewiew that nobody asked me‘ I decided to take in consideration the Yankee Candle fragrances in order to raise awareness and appreciation,to catalog, analyze and describe these wonderful American fragrances because I believe that each candle – as well as people – has its own story
The reviews will be organized according to established criteria, cataloged according to the family fragrances (es. Fresh, fruity, floral, foods and spices, premium) of the fragrance and cured with love, attention and a bit of irony.

Baby Poweder is a fragrance that completes the triad of clean fragrances along with Clean Cotton and Fluffy Towels.  It’s a fresh fragrance of medium intensity, very delicate and feminine, the Yankee Candle describes it as follows: a soothing, fresh scent that gently cleanses the spirit and gives it a soft touch of innocence. 

It reminds to the smell of woman parfume, very feminine and lovable, is exactly the smell of children baby powder, talc and clean. It’s perfect for the bathroom, the SPA, wellness centers and massage rooms. It’s smells like skin care products, body poweders and children poweders.

It’s a very fresh, soft, delicate daytime smell very suitable for all ages,  Does not disturb the most sensitive noses, and unlike the other two fragrance sisters, there are not hints of lemon. Does not smell as a softener or soap, and in contrast to may seams, is not an artificial smell. Indeed, it reminds to the smell of natural handmade beauty products. Perfects for children and for those who are looking for pleasant and natural detergent smell.